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Product Growth works with companies looking for exposure to senior tech industry workers, with a focus on product managers and founders. Reach out for more details.


  • 117K+ Subscribers – High income tech workers: PMs, Marketers, Founders, Growth Marketers, and Executives.

  • 40-45% Open Rates – With an Extra 10K+ views per post due to social media presence. Sponsorship CTRs as high as 2%+.

  • 2-3x Weekly Posts – Technically publishes to the entire list once per month, and to the paid list a few extra times every month.


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Product Growth does three types of sponsorships: traditional ads, sponsored posts, and deep dives.

1. ADS

These are the best CPM opportunity to work with me. Posts get >60% of my subscriber base in views in the first 24 hours. They drive strong clickthrough rates (2% range) and conversions.

Example Ad

Generally, ads perform best when they’re placed over a few weeks. I generally sell these as a package of several over a few months.


This is one of the most innovative content types available to advertisers today. I will write a post that is the length of a Twitter thread and LinkedIn post that is designed to get organic-like metrics.

Example Sponsored Post

Depending on how well we do with the content on these, they can yield an even better CPM / CPA than ads. Just in the March of 2023, I had a LinkedIn post with 12M views and a Twitter thread with 15M views.


This is the deepest piece I can do on you. I will give an unbiased, opinion however. It will be 3,000+ words all about your company, told in a very compelling way.

Example Deep Dive

These are the types of pages that build backlinks and live on the first page of your Google search results. I think they are one of the highest brand + direct response investments your business can make.


Pricing is bespoke and depends on ad type and volume. Email me for more details.

If you’re still not convinced, here is my media kit.